Roy Zetisky

Another great Judge at SA Indie Film Fest: Roy Zetisky as the Judge for Best Cinematographer.

Roy Zetisky
Roy Zetisky

Roy works as a DOP and Film Director, he also teaches at AFDA Film School. He will be the judge for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER.


Happy to announce another one of our judges: Actor Joe Vaz for Best Screenwriter.

Joe Vaz
Joe Vaz

Joe has established himself as a locally and internationally recognized actor in both film and television. Best known for his role in “Dredd” and “Death Race2” and “10,000 BC. 

Ross Learmonth

We are happy to announce band member Ross Learmonth from Prime Circle  as one of our Judges for the Best Music Video Award.

Ross Learmonth

 The Lead singer of South Africa’s biggest rock band “PRIME CIRCLE”. They’ve been going for over 11 years now, and still raking in the awards as South Africa’s Best Rock Band!

Brandon Auret

Happy to announce actor Brandon Auret as one of our Judges .

Brandon Auret playing the Villain in Neil Blomkamp’s CHAPPIE

Brandon will be the judge to decide who’s worthy of the BEST ACTOR Award at SAIFF.


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It took Charles some 30 years to get his first separately printed publication. His work aspired many films and poetry that would stick to outlive his life a thousand times.

“Find what you love, and let it kill you.” 

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